Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Huddart Park Hike

Huddart Park is a nice shady park about a third of the way up Kings Mountain Road. No dogs are allowed, so we don't go there often, but our usual haunts right now are too hot, too poison-oaky, and too fox-taily.

The route:

The trails are all wide enough for the jogging stroller, and there is very little poison oak. Nick walked some, but mostly rode in the stroller and narrated the scenery. Tree! Tree! Oh no tree! (fallen tree, very distressing).

Full set of pictures is here, some selections below.

Someone is very proud of himself.


Local wildlife. This dude was about 5 inches long and quite disgusting.
Nick was fascinated.

The only slightly troublesome point on the trail where it was blocked by
a small fallen redwood. Nick was able to climb over and then waited as
I had to carry the stroller over.


We crossed a creek towards the end of the hike. Once a long time ago
I showed Nick that you can throw leaves from bridges into the water and
watch them float. Apparently he remembered.