Thursday, September 18, 2014

When did my puppy get so big?

Holey moley, people! Who's this giant dog in front?


He still weighs less than Polly. Because Polly has muscles. And he just has legs.

Took THEM for a hike today.

Starting to look like fall.
1.5 miles with a decent climb in the middle and barely any whining from the two-legged hiker.

If you are not the lead husky, the view never changes.

The lead husky.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kipling swimming at the baylands

Conversation with the vet yesterday:
Dr Sams: Ok, he's cleared to be off leash some when you hike with him.
Me: Umm, he's a 9 month old labrador puppy. He has no brains. He does not get to go off leash because he doesn't come back.
Dr Sams: Um. Well. Ok. So, if you were to take him to the beach, and if he seems like he's behaving, you can let him off leash.
Kipling, did you pay off the vet to say that?

We didn't go to the beach, but we did go to the Baylands to swim. And Kip was let off leash, that is until he decided to run off and roll in the dry foxtails. That was the end of the off-leash adventure, but at least we followed doctor's orders.

I am pleased that the dog that thought deep water eats puppies went from this:

What is this stuff? Don't think I want to go in there! 

to this:

Maturity is an amazing thing. I figure three more years, and he can be allowed off leash when hiking too. His elbows have plenty of time to heal before then!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Santa Cruz

What can be better than poking sea anemones with a piece of seagrass to make them close.
Does this qualify as "harassing wildlife"?
Well, jumping into a giant hole in the sand might be better.
Wheeee! (followed by Splat!)
Or chasing seagulls.
Ok, this is definitely "harassing wildlife". But the wildlife deserves it
after it stole a whole bag of salami from our lunch box.
Lovely day at the Natural Bridges State Beach today. Full set of pictures in on smugmug.