Saturday, October 23, 2010

Del Valle Kennel Club Agility

Polly and I made our triumphant return to the agility ring today (We made our less-than-triumphant return to training at Jumpin' Java Agility two months ago. After a five month break it was ugly. We are better now).

We had one more leg left in Jumpers and Standard to get our titles. I am happy to report that Polly did wonderfully and we got a third place in Novice B Standard (out of 17 dogs). She had one table runout (huh? Polly? what was that? since when do you jump off the table?) and one off-course to investigate a tunnel after said table runout. In Jumpers, we had a clean run and a second place (out of 15 dogs).  Continuing our tradition of doing great when nobody is filming us I don't have any videos of our runs.

Now we are moving into Open. We are nowhere near ready, in fact I predict we will be ready to show at about the time Nick will be learning to walk. So we'll have a little competition, what will happen first: we get all three of our Open titles or Nick takes three steps. It's on!

Polly with her placement and title ribbons.
She is now Marstad Power Play RA NA NAJ NF CGC

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