Sunday, July 24, 2011


Went to Greyhound Rock beach and then to Pie Ranch to exercise and entertain the baby/canine contingent.
I forgot the camera, so all I have are lame iPhone photos. Sorry. At least I didn't forget the diapers/milk/food/snacks/hat/jacket/sunscreen/towel/baby toys/dog toys/poop bags/leashes/water/car keys/wallet. As well as baby and two dogs. And a husband.

As any good Greek, Tony likes to sunbathe on the beach. 

This is a giant sandbox, guys!

Each boy with their own toy.

Hai! Throw BALL now plz!

Get out of my scenic shot, Polly!

Oh yeah! Pies!

Pie Ranch wins. Not only do they sell pies, they have a kids
play area so the parents can eat their pies in piece. Farmer Nick
finds tractors very acceptable.

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