Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A brief Polly interlude

We apologize for lack of squeakblog postings. The staff has been busy attending to Polly's extensive show schedule. We went to four days of dog shows in Pleasanton, and picked up some nice scores and titles in agility and obedience. The rundown:

Friday: 194 and a fifth place in Obedience Novice B. Polly did a fantastic job.
Saturday: 182.5 and a first place in Obedience Novice B at the labrador specialty and highest scoring dod with Agility title. Not as great a performance, but we will blame nerves since all our friends were watching. We also blame walnuts on the ground, seriously, who does obedience in a walnut orchard?
Sunday: A qualifying score in Open FAST agility.
Monday: A great run for Polly in Open STD, and our Open Standard title.
Looking very obedient at the Labrador Specialty.
Polly won me a mug and a bowl and check out
that huge ribbon!

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