Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've been trying to find chanterelle mushrooms in the Bay Area for years. I know they come up when the fall rains start, and I know they come up in the parks near us, and I know people who go pick them there, but of course, nobody tells me their spots. So yesterday, while riding Dusty on one of our regular trails (not telling which one!), I spotted the telltale bright orange bump on the ground. I must have terrified a bunch of hikers because I whooped, jumped off the horse, and started digging in the dirt to find this:


We wandered around a little looking for more, but unfortunately this was the only one we found.  Want to really confuse people? Start walking around the forest leading a horse behind you, and peering intensely at the ground muttering "there's got to be more! where are they? there's got to be more!" Dusty thought this was the greatest trip ever, because he got to eat grass while I looked for more mushrooms.

I fed the chanterelle to Kostadis for breakfast, fried in butter with some eggs. He said it was excellent. I hope we find more soon.

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