Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Indoor Agility OMG!!!!

Last weekend Miss P and I went to our very first indoor agility trial. It was at an indoor soccer complex in Livermore.

Now, I am not usually jealous of anything in the midwest, but one thing I hear they have is indoor agility. That is mostly because it's either too cold or too hot to go outside, which I am not jealous of. But the indoor rings! OMG awesome!

Look! I don't have to bring my own tent, and the chairs are already setup.
And there's carpeting!!!

There were a couple of glitches that needed to be worked out, since this was a new venue, like air conditioning. And a couple of dogs ran into that lovely clean plexiglass (they are ok. the glass is ok too), but overall it was a great trial.

View from my seat. 

Polly loved running on fake grass, and her handler actually managed to get her cues out at mostly the right time, so we ended the weekend with 4 Qs with first place.

Polly got ribbons, toys, and a celebratory cheeseburger.

There better be something good in that bag, or not more rear
crosses for you!

The handler got a celebratory beer.


The next day, Polly spend most of the morning doing this.

I tired. I wake up soon.

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