Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Polly the Entertainer

Last week Miss P and I went to Nick's preschool. Polly was a star. She sat nicely while being petted, played "find the glove" game with the kids, and jumped over the bars that the kids held for her. The kids were very impressed.

Nick introducing Polly.

Nick showing the kids how to pet the dog.
The hand in the mouth is me feeding her cookies.

Leading out


More over!

The teachers were most impressed that my dog will do a down/stay when I tell her. While that's pretty cool, I have to say that the fact that they can get 26 four year olds to sit quietly, take turns and follow directions is way cooler.

One of the teachers asked why I didn't bring Kipling too. Nick talks about Kipling all the time, so the teachers were eager to meet him. I called Nick over and pointed to a giant scratch he had on his cheek.
Me: "Nicholas, tell Miss Julie how you got this ouchie."
Nick: "Kipper pushed me, and then he stepped on my face." (in Kip's defense they were playing "fight the creature", which involves them jumping on each other)
Teacher: "Ok, I understand, thank you for not bringing Kipper to school, Nicholas"
Maybe next year... 

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