Saturday, October 2, 2010


All parents post pictures of their kids nekkid in the bathtub. We are quite overdue for Squeak's. Today he figured out that splashing with his hands and feet is fun, so we took pictures and videos. Note the crazy facial expressions and flying water. In 15 years, he'll be really mad at us about this. We tried to mostly preserve modesty.

Check out the water splashing out of the tub on the left.

Hands are tasty. Wet hands are even better.

This facial expression is usually accompanied by maniacal
laughter and squealing.

Um, the kid has a bit of a beer belly going on.

Ooooh, this is ever so exciting! Please admire my multitude of chins.

And here's a video of the process.

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  1. You know, I wonder if he will care at all that his baby bath images are there for the world to see when he's 15. His will be a very different generation. Privacy? That was something our parents seemed to get all riled up about. Like mini-skirts in the 60s or something...