Friday, November 5, 2010

Pumpin' baby plastic

Friday is Baby Gym day. Baby Gym is the best kind of entertainment: it's full of bright colors, soft plastic stuff to roll and bounce on, and other babies. Nick has a class at 12:30, and the Little Gym is within walking distance of our house, so if the weather is nice and he wakes up from his nap on time, we take the stroller.

Strollering is very serious work. Especially
when the stroller is way too big for you still.

Many toys are required to keep baby happy in the
stroller. Here we have one strap, one jingly toy, and
one fleecy blanket to suck on.

Sorry for the somewhat blurry photos in the rest of the post, I was using the iPhone and sometimes there was not quite enough light. And the babies are twitchy fast.

Babies on the bouncy inflatable mat thing.
It's supposed to help with balance or something.
Nick just likes to roll on it.

And do leg lifts.

The gym is a good place to pick up girls.
Well, hi there, how are you doing?
Your name is Nicole? Wow, what a coincidence!

Darnit! If I knew how to crawl, I would get that green thing!

This is me and my pal Anders. He has even less hair than I do!

My mom put me on this inclined wedge thing so I would roll downhill.

Then they rolled me on this giant donut thing. I thought that was
super fun. I even got to stand on my head, but there are no pictures
of that because mom was busy spotting me.

But it kind of looked like what this baby is doing.

I also got to lie on a ball. That was kind on interesting...

Yay! Baby gym is fun!

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