Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eating solids? No thanks!

Sometime around 6 months baby can be introduced to solids. Nick is still a bit too young, but we are starting to think about it. We bought a high chair and he likes to sit in it while I eat lunch. The other day I tried to feed him some milk from a spoon in preparation. He thought I was nuts. Today I gave him a slice of apple to lick. I mean, he licks everything else with great pleasure, maybe he'd actually like something edible. And this wasn't just some apple. This was a local, organic, pesticide-free, tree-ripened etc etc etc apple from my garden! His reaction? See for yourself.
What the heck is this?
You people EAT this stuff? It's horrible! Why would you
ever put this in your mouth?

Now this is MUCH tastier.


  1. Kid wants to go on a safari and shoot giraffes, obviously. Then he'll eat the raw corpses.

  2. Holy crap, you guys made me log in w/ an account and THEN do a captcha thing? That's hardcore.