Sunday, January 16, 2011

More better titles

They beat me, you know. Every day. With a baseball bat. I am
a very very abused dog. Please come and save me.
Miss P got her Rally Excellent title. She is now formally known as: Marstad Power Play RE NA NAJ NF CGC.

We had two runs yesterday and one today, and ended up with all three Q's, and two third place ribbons. Our first run yesterday had lovely dog performance and terrible handler performance. I missed the walk-through, missed the call into the ring, and basically had to read the signs as we went along. As a result we lost 10 points on the jump because instead of "send dog over jump handler passes by" I apparently did "pause, flap arm towards jump, handler stumbles by in a daze". Polly didn't care and took the jump well, but we got scored as an "incorrect performance. Personally, I thought -10 on that was kind of harsh, and it dropped us from first to third place with an 84.

The afternoon run yesterday wasn't as good, dog was tired, and wanted to sniff and scratch herself. Looked like stress behavior to me because the cookies were not forthcoming. She even almost broke the down stay (she got up just a little which apparently is fine in Rally). But everyone else was tired also, because we still got a third place, with a 91.

Today we didn't need to go back since we already had our title, but since the entry was paid, and the trial was only 20 minutes away, we went for practice. I thought this was our best run, dog was upbeat and paying attention. We got a 94, but no placement since there were lots of other great dogs in the ring (first place was a perfect score).

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