Thursday, January 27, 2011

NTS 3!

We have a new NTS (Nick Transportation System). NTS 1 is the regular stroller. NTS 2 is the jogging stroller. The new addition is the NTS 3, the bike trailer.

We got a recommendation for the Chariot brand of bike trailers, so today we went to REI to check it out.

What is this nonsense? Do I need to yell?

Nick looked reasonably well-attached and secure so we plopped down the money and went home with the trailer.

Nick was nice enough to mostly self-amuse on the front lawn while I assembled the trailer and attached it to the mountain bike. The mountain bike is a little more stable and has the flat pedals, which is why I decided to use it. Eventually the trailer will probably go onto the road bike though.
Looks pretty fancy!

Then we had to break for lunch and a nap. While Nick was napping I made sure everything was securely bolted, took a short ride up and down the street, and found my bike helmet. It's been more than a year since I actually used it.
Once Nick was up, it was time for a test ride.
I find this device quite acceptable.

Ok, let's go. Less posing, more pedaling!

We only took a short ride around the neighborhood this time, since I was still afraid that the baby will fall out, or the trailer will disconnect from the bike, or the baby's neck will snap due to the bouncing, or that he will totally hate it or something else. However, none of those things happened, and Nick found the activity most excellent, even though he had to wear the baby torture device, aka the bike helmet. So, Page Mill Road next, right? Riiiiight....

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