Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Polly airtime

Miss Polly has been making progress in all her various activities. She now has one leg in each of Open Standard, Open Jumpers, and Open FAST. This means she is 1/3 of the way to her goal of getting all her Open agility titles before Nick takes three independent steps. So far, Nick can crawl backwards and in a circle. I say Polly is slightly ahead. In obedience, she can do most of the exercises in Novice and Open, as long as there are lots of cookies involved. We are working on decreasing the cookies.

Here are some recent working pictures. Agility pictures are blatantly stolen from the show photographer, obedience pictures are by Dianne Panarella. Since I make no money off this blog, I assume they will both forgive me.

Agility in Santa Rosa. Polly looks like a total dork in each one of these. Next project: making the dog look cool and stylish while on the course.

Ears balance off the tail.

OMG there is a monster chasing me in the weave poles. Help!!!!!

Insane dog on dog walk. Insane!!!!!!


She even looks mostly sane here.

Weave poles teamwork!

Obedience Ring Preparation class.

Please give cookie? Please?

Heeling pretty. Give cookie?


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