Friday, February 18, 2011

We are back

We are back from Tahoe. We did not get snowed in like the Donner Party, but it was close. Here's a short synopsis of activities.

Nick did this:
This is a weird stroller, guys!

The herd in snow.

Video of the walk in the snow. The herd found it quite acceptable. Except maybe for Kostadis who had to tow the sled.

The dogs did this:
Snow! Snow! Snow!

Then the storm came in, and Nick did this:
Hai! I am in a snow bank! I find that very acceptable.

 While the dogs did this:

Uh oh. I think we are stuck now. Please send help!

 And Nick did more of this:
This cold white stuff is highly amusing.

 Since Nick had extra staff to entertain him, the parents also got to do this:
Top of Lakeview Chair at Alpine Meadows.

On Sunday Kostadis skied some more, and Natasha got to do this:
Foxhunting with Red Rock Hounds in Reno.

More pictures are on Smugmug.

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