Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beat L.A.!

It's playoffs time. Kostadis is growing a playoffs beard. Nick is, hopefully, growing playoffs hair. Or playoffs teeth. Or something.

Nick got to go to the pre-game street rally in San Jose.

Boys in their jerseys.

Please notice that they wear (almost) matching clothes.
Cargo pants/shorts, jersey, and sandals. Scary, yes.
At the street rally. Nick is befuddled.

With the Zamboni. Yes, Nick, I hope Niemi will do well too.

Why are you taking pictures of me? And who
are all these people? And isn't it past my bedtime?

Nick gets to sit on the Zamboni.
This is interesting. Good view from up here.

With the famous Sharks fire truck. Fire truck interesting. Mom taking
pictures, not so interesting.

I find this activity very acceptable.

Oooh, even better view from up here. Most acceptable.

Downtown San Jose decorations.

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