Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bear Valley

In a fit of "I cannot hike around here any more, it's too hot and dry, and there's dust and foxtails and poison oak everywhere" I booked us a cabin in Bear Valley for the weekend. After last fall's Stormageddon canceled most of our High Sierra hiking plans, I was still itching to to walk in "Beautiful Sierra Scenery (TM)".

We arrived Friday afternoon, unpacked, and went for a short fishing trip to Lake Alpine. Fishing was had. Catching was not had. Pizza for dinner.

On Saturday, we set out for a hike to Kinney Lakes near Ebbetts Pass. Book said 5 miles and not much climbing. We ended up doing just under 4 (only went to the first lake) and the climbing really was minimal, by Sierra standards. I was pretty excited about this hike, since the route follows the Pacific Crest Trail.

Map and profile:

Some selected photos from the hike.

Kostadis hauled Nick the whole way there and back

Wheee! OMG hiking! Wheee!

After about and hour, Nick got tired of sitting in
the backpack and decided to hike by himself.
He requested a hiking pole and used it quite

Lower Kinney Lake. Polly is doing what she does any time a body of water
is present: fetching sticks.

Yes, Nick is, in fact, doing what you think
he is doing. He thought peeing in the lake
was the best game ever.

Kostadis and Tony enjoying the break.

Beautiful Sierra Scenery (TM) on the way back

On the way back from the lakes, we met some Pacific Crest Trail through hikers. We shared our strawberries with them which they were very grateful for. PCT hikers pretty much eat power bars for six months, so any fresh food is a treat. Polly and Tony tried to beg them for some treats, and were very disappointed that they didn't get any. As I said "Dogs, these people are more hungry than you are, give it a rest."

Kostadis fished some more in the evening. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

Next day we went for a short walk around Lake Alpine and some more fishing (for Kostadis), playing in the water (for Nick and Polly) and peeing on things (for Tony).
Trains got to come play at the lake too.

Nick is fishing.

Kostadis is also fishing. They both caught the same number of fish.

Hiking is exhausting.

All in all, a nice weekend trip. And it didn't rain. Or snow. Or hail. Maybe Nick's curse of causing "weather events" any time he goes into the mountains is over. One can hope!

Full set of photos from the weekend is here.

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