Sunday, July 1, 2012

Strawberry...erm olallieberry...Fields Forever!

Let's just start at the end: this is what 23 lbs of olallieberries looks like:
Greed is not a good thing.

An olalliberry is a heavily modified blackberry-raspberry cross, which is deep purple and extremely sweet when ripe:

A friend joined me on a You-Pick trip to Gizditch Ranch in Watsonville to obtain some of the tasty fruit.

You get assigned a row of bushes:

And get to work:
This is fun, honest!

After about two hours, we ended up with 35 lbs between the two of us. And we only stopped because we ran out of containers, the berries were plentiful.
Looking a little dazed with our haul. Or maybe it was the two
hours in the sun.

Being the sane person, Cat took home 12 lbs, leaving me with 23 lbs of berries which were so ripe, their shelf life is measured in minutes. Being lazy and all, I just threw them into plastic bags portioned for pie filling and put them in the freezer.


Soon, each of these bags will become a tasty olallieberry pie!

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