Friday, June 21, 2013

FarmVille 2013

This is our "baby" fig tree. Not a baby any more.
Soon there will be figs. Many, many figs.
Tomatoes. There used to be other things in that planter too, but the tomatoes killed them. Sometimes I see a little wisp of basil or squash poke through the jungle and croak "save meeee!" before being engulfed again.
Almost ready
Peas and carrots
European strawberries (and a random squash)These belong to Nick. He comes out every day and picks all the red ones. 
Blackberries. They are not allowed to expand past the two fence posts. Otherwise they take over the world.
This year we also released FarmVille 2.0, the new planter in the front yard. Currently it's the site of a fierce battle between the resident cucumbers and tomatoes. Other things that were there are casualties of war.
The cucumbers are winning 
Somewhere in there I had some pepper plants too, but they are being used as climbing posts by the cucumbers.
And on the back lawn we have.... A PVC pipe forest. Complete with dog who won't do her weave poles.
She wants some of those tomatoes first!

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