Friday, June 28, 2013


On Wednesday, in a fit of greed, I picked 20 pounds of ollaliberries and boysenberries (that's on top of the 12 lbs I picked the week before). Those first 12 lbs went into the freezer in six-cup increments for making pie filling during the winter. That pretty much took up all the freezer space, so I had to do something else useful with this batch.

I gave some to a friend. 

That left 17 lbs.

I made my husband and child eat enormous quantities of them raw.

That left about 14 lbs.

I used some for cobbler and some more for pie. 

That still left about 8 lbs of olallies which I was going to turn into jam. Then, on Thursday the temperature spiked into the 90s, beginning what was promised to be a week-long heat wave. Running the stove in my non-airconditioned house during the day was not going to happen, so jam-making started at 10 in the evening, once the house cooled off a little.

The stage is set.

I was following the Blue Chair Jam cookbook, which says you should always make jam in small batches and never ever double the recipe. 

Here's the first batch going. The color is awesome.

Two batches later, the processed result!

Maybe I should go pick more berries now. Or maybe not...

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