Friday, August 8, 2014

Obedient Polly

For a change of pace, Polly and I went to some obedience/rally trials. She showed 4 times in Rally Advanced/Excellent and qualified every time with placements for two more RAE legs. Only three left to go, and then we won't have any choice but get out and do Graduate Open or Utility or something difficult like that.

Some picture proofs from the photographer.

Getting our game face on outside the ring.
One of these days I am going to stop being nervous when doing this.
The dreaded/hated serpentine/weave twice.

Why am I grabbing my shirt? I don't know, maybe it
will make this hated exercise go faster.

Why are you making me stand/stay after the jump?
This is highly unusual.

Heeling past a jump. Polly is not amused.

See, we can do pretty heeling! If I clench my
fists hard enough. It's the threat of beating
that makes her do it.

Oh god. More stay. Why? Why you make
me sit here?

We are done! Happiness all around.

Awards. First in Excellent B and second in Advanced B.

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