Thursday, January 1, 2015

New mushrooms for the new year

Went out to Soquel Demo Forest today and came back with plenty of black trumpets and a handful of candy caps. Good way to start the new year!

The candy caps are going into the dehydrator. They have amazing
maple syrup flavor when dried, and are usually used in desserts.

Black trumpets! These will be my dinner tonight.
Happy mushroomy new year!

(Update 2 hours later)

I decided to make a wild mushroom pizza with my black trumpets using this recipe (one modification was also adding gorgonzola cheese). It came out amazing. The black trumpets have a great flavor, even better than regular chanterelles.

Cleaned, sliced, and washed. The fresh trumpets smell very
mushroomy. They apparently have the best flavor when dried,
but I couldn't wait that long.

The onions are caramelizing and the mushrooms are sautéing.

The pizza dough is relaxing.

Nick made himself a cheese pizza. 

My wild mushrooms pizza. It was delicious. Well worth spending three
hours crawling up and down steep redwood-covered slopes.

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