Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sunnyvale Baylands

Took THEM out for a hike/swim at the Sunnyvale Baylands, also knows as the "bay-ponds" (Nick) and Mt. Trashmore (it's the trail behind the water treatment and recycling plant).

THEM! Polly wants her bumper, which is on the ground next to me.
Kipling doesn't care. And yes, all three of them are very dirty.

For comparison (and since today is Throw Back Thursday too), here's a picture from the same spot:
March 2014. Polly is stressed about the bumper.
Kipling doesn't care.
Much fun was had by all.


Polly will get it!
Kipling prefers to wait on the bank and then chase her around and steal
the bumper. He says that's more efficient.
Give! Me! It!
Nick thought the dry mustard plants were fun to play with.
So many sticks!
Fishing for algae
On the way back, Kipling snacked on some fresh grass.
Most excellent outing for humans and dogs. Now they are all napping. Shhhhh!

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