Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gear creep, the OMG edition

Remember this post? And how I thought that was a lot of gear.


The Sharks Foundation is sponsoring a "learn to play" program this year. 4 weeks of hockey lessons and all the gear for kids who've never ice played hockey before. So today, we went back to the Hockey Giant store to pick up our stuff.

Waiting to start. They had coffee and donuts for the parents too
while the kids were getting fitted. I love them!
Gear bag pickup. The bag is large enough to fit
the whole child.
Fitting elbow pads. He also got shin guards and
shoulder pads.
Testing out the new stick
All set. Gear, stick, and donut in hand. 
At home, we practiced putting all that stuff on. It was complicated.
All the pads. 
Full outfit (minus the skates). Ready to play!
Can't wait for the hockey practice to start in a few weeks!

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