Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Joe Grant Ride

Nick and I tested out the bike+weehoo trailer setup on some dirt roads. Much fun was had by all (well, expect maybe for me on a couple of steep pedaling stretches when the kid decided not to help from the back).

Hills. Sound. Music. You know.
Fueling up before the ride.
Attempt at a selfie cut off the kid's head.

Here's the kid 

Stop to find a geocache

Somebody doesn't believe me that he has to get off and walk up. The hill ahead
was too steep for me to pedal all the way up.

Baby's first hike-a-bike

Somebody is not amused by having to walk (I offered him
to push the bike too, but that was rejected)

And at the top of the hill we saw ... some cows. See all those dots in the distance.
They are cows. Running towards us. For no reason. Maybe they were mad.
We decided not to find out, turned around and went back down the hill.

Picture to see what it looks like behind me. Someone is slightly dazed from
the fast decent. 

Moutain biking is exhausting.

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