Sunday, June 12, 2011

Extreme parenting?

Nounou Mountain hike. Kinda steep.

Rest stop.

It's also raining a little bit. But the temperature is 80 degrees, so the
rain is nice. This hike is supposed to be a lot worse in the sun.

Wailua Valley. Scenic.

Extreme parenting. Kostadis is scrambling up some rocks (which are
muddy, wet, and slippery) while Nick is... napping. 


We didn't make it all the way up because at some point the trail got
too steep and dangerous to hike with the kid, so we drove to this
waterfall instead. Scenic.

Hawaiian village replica.

Wailua River.

Touring the village.

Hi birdie. This was a second before it tore the whole bad of seed out
of my hand and ran away with it.

Wild rooster. They are everywhere and they are loud. Yesterday
they woke up Nick at 6 am. Thanks, birdie!

Next to the Wailua River.

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