Saturday, June 11, 2011

Over the river and through the woods

Went for a drive and a few hikes yesterday.
First stop: Russian Fort Elizabeth. It said "historic" so we had to satisfy Kostadis and get out and walk there.

Baby in a pack.

He's either yawning or yelling. Not clear.

Nick is used to sitting in the backpack while I take pictures.

Next up, Waimea Canyon overlook.
Group shot. Not sure why Nick is sticking his tongue out at the
nice helpful person who took our picture.

The weather is somewhat questionable. 

Holding the baby very. tightly.

Finally, a short hike to the canyon. Both cameras have died at that point, so the rest of the pictures were shot with the cellphone.
This hike had steep parts, so I made Kostadis carry Nick.

Seriously, guys, that's enough! Wake me up when
we get somewhere interesting.

Guys! The hole in the ground is pretty, but have you noticed that
IT'S RAINING? I am considering yelling!

Waimea Canyon stitched panorama.

Over the river and through the woods.

Kostadis hiking up a particularly steep section.
Nick is having fun. His pack mule not so much.

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