Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maha'ulepu Trail

Went for a hike on the "easiest trail on Kauai". True, it's pretty flat. But it's not clear when it was maintained last: the trail is quite overgrown and faint in places. Very fun hike though, even if we got rained on several times. One was while Nick was trying to take a nap, he was not very amused being woken up by a torrential downpour of cold water. There was much yelling for a bit.


Very scenic.

Even more scenic.

OMG so scenic!

Amazingly scenic

Somewhere in there there is a trail

Oh, hi trail!

Part of the trail goes next to the golf course.
Nick found a ball!


Kostadis is not very amused by the rain

Crawling in the sand at the beach at the end of the hike.

Here's what hiking through the overgrown parts looked like:

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