Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nick's first Sequoia Century

We did the 20 mile "family ride" route of the Western Wheelers Sequoia Century today. This is the same organized ride whose 200 km route we used to do as a preparation for the Death Ride. The Sequoia is known as "hilly". Even the 20 miler had some slightly nasty rollers. In fact, I applaud the parents who managed to get their kids to bike the thing by themselves.

As is tradition for the Sequoia, the weather sucked. It was cloudy, and not-quite-raining. We are having an interesting June here in California.

Nick did the ride in his Chariot. Many objects are required to keep the baby entertained on a bike ride. Here we see: a blankie, a toy car, a stuffie, a water bottle, a cowbell (from Amgen Tour of California, no less!), and a bagel. The bagel was used to stop the incipient whining around mile 10. My further arsenal of whining-reducing objects included crackers, a new book, and an iPad with videos as a very last resort. However, Nick was pacified with just the bagel for the rest of the ride.
I am having fun! Why do you guys look like
you are in pain?

Adding about 40 lbs of dead weight to your bike and then going up Arastradero results in some pain.

Somewhere around mile 12 Kostadis and I switched the trailer to my bike. Nick was asleep. In fact, the funniest moment of the ride was when one of the volunteers directing traffic on the course, yelled some directions to us, and I went "Shhh! Baby napping!" and he went "Oh, sorry!"

In the end, Nick arrived back to the start in good cheer and enjoyed flirting with lots of people having lunch.
Would you like my bagel? I sucked on
it for 10 miles. It's extra slimy!


Next year we'll work up to a 50 miler, and year after that the infamous 200K. Or not...

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