Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby’s First Cubicle

[Cross-posted with permission from Kostadis's personal blog Day-to-Day Nonsense]
In this age of technology we think it is essential that children learn about computers as early as possible. This technology can enhance critical and cognitive thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and analytical thinking. Having child-appropriate computers and software in your facility shows parents that you understand the important role technology plays in providing an enriched learning environment for their child's growth. It's a hallmark way to set you apart from other childcare facilities.
  • Furniture features:
    • Flat desk area
    • Left and Right built-in mouse pads
    • Bench seat that fits two children and offers storage inside for supplies
    • Two locking cabinet doors
    • Computer wiring stores safely inside ventilated cabinet.
    • Locking castors keep unit from rolling during use.
So poor Nick. Life in the cubicle begins very soon after sentience. Whatever happened to schools showing off their playing fields and talking about their sports clubs? Whatever happened to debate teams? In this day and age we prep them young to go from
Young Explorer™

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