Monday, September 6, 2010

Rancho San Antonio Hike

Went for a nice hike at Rancho San Antonio with Kostadis and Nick today. It was a little warm, but we survived. Turns out it was 90 degrees outside. And Rancho has almost no shade. And we went in the middle of the day. Sorry Nick, this is the kind of stupid stuff your parents do. When you get old enough for the bike trailer, we'll do the "bike up Page Mill Road in 100 degree heat" adventure. That's super fun also!

Nick in the car. He tends to yell every time we stop at a traffic light.
Makes for super-fun driving.

Front-facing for the first time!

Nature... So fascinating...

Nick now weighs almost 14 lbs. Ouch, my feet hurt!

Where the heck are we?

Getting sleepy...

We ran into a whole flock of qual. Flock? Is that the right word? Do
qual flock? Or are they too stupid for that?

Last time we hiked here, Nick was still internal.

January 23 at approximately the same spot.
Very small internal Nick is not yet especially visible.
Silly Valley. Pretty.

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