Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby's first hockey game. Sharks 3, Coyotes 1.

Emboldened by the fact that Nick did not have a meltdown when kept up past his bedtime the previous day, we decided to try taking him to a pre-season hockey game. Pre-season games are there for the team to debug its performance, test out different lines, and get ready for the regular season. Perfect opportunity to debug our "bring small infant to a loud sports arena" methods. People probably won't mind if the baby yells during the low-key pre-season game, but if he wails during some high-stress Sharks-Detroit game we might get lynched. So better get our routine down now.

Armed with the Baby Bjorn, diapers, a spare outfit, blankets, burp cloths, towels, earplugs for baby, and a bottle of milk, we set off at 6:45 with a happy, well-rested (three hour afternoon nap! oh yeah!) and well-fed baby.

At the Shark Tank. Nick is fascinated by all the people.

Nick was very happy in his carrier, and enjoyed saying hi to all our neighbors from previous year, whom we last saw when he was still internal.

Waiting for the game to start. Nick is all geared up. 

We had a small glitch where we didn't put Nick earplugs in fast enough and he got startled by the horn and the loud music when the teams came out on the ice. He then proceeded to wail during the National Anthem. Given that the whole stadium was quiet, I am sure they heard him all the way down on the ice. Um, Go Sharks!

Once his earplugs were in and well adjusted, he calmed down and enjoyed looking at the big screen.
Bright moving lights. So fascinating.

The customary second-period beer. Well milk.

Sharks score. Baby gets bounced. He would really like his milk back though.

Although we were prepared to have to leave after only one period if the kid was showing signs of misery, we actually managed to stay for the whole game. Nick watched the game, yelled a little when his earplugs came off, had a snack and went to sleep on my lap. We have a little hockey fan in the making. Go Sharks!

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