Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in the (agility) saddle

Two weeks ago Polly and I went to our first agility class in five months. We train at Jumpin' Java and Anne was very nice to find us an accommodating class time. The good news: Polly still really likes agility. The not so good news: bars were flying everywhere, go-ons were nonexistent, and "you want me to do what on contacts"? Yeah, we're a little rusty. So today we got some backyard practice done.

Are we gonna do something? Huh? BALL? Play? Now? Right now? BALL?

First, I had to make sure Nick was reasonably entertained. The weather was nice, so I parked him under a tree with his baby gym, hoping that he could self-amuse for half an hour or so. Being the best dog ever, Tony came over and plopped himself next to the baby, presumably to make sure I don't make the baby do agility.
Nick is mildly curious about what we are planning to do.
Tony looks skeptical.

We practiced some box jump drills from AgilityNerd.
The setup.

Polly is ready to go. Pardon our crooked sit.

After a bunch of runs through the course, Polly was, in the words of a friend of mine "ready for a doggie equivalent of a martini". We did get some good practice in with front/rear crosses, threadles, and 270's before she collapsed though. The baby was also quite cooperative, only periodically requiring re-positioning on the mat to bring some new part of the yard into view.
That was exhausting! I need a break!

Agility is boring. Tony would rather take a nap and Nick finds his
toys much more interesting.

We are not quite ready to trial yet, but we are getting closer. Guess I am going to have to bring the baby gym with me to agility trials though. 

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