Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunnyvale Baylands Hike

Did a 3.5 mile hike along the levies in the Sunnyvale Baylands. Saw lots of birds (and lots of birdwatchers). Nick was very cooperative and only yelled in the car on the way there. Dogs were also mostly cooperative, although they had to be leashed for a while when too many birds were around.

Hiking with a baby is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, Nick almost never fusses when in the Baby Bjorn. He either watches the scenery or sleeps. On the other hand, since he naps so well, he comes home nice and refreshed, while we come home tired and ready for some sleep. So the next several hours after the hike are a little difficult for the parents. 

Kostadis was the photographer this time, so I get some pictures of me on this blog.

The "Waste Management Facility". Yes, we start the hike at the dump.
More upscale places to hike are not dog-friendly.

Gotta check the pee-mail and read the pee-logs (plogs).

Not a rattlesnake.

The levies go through the saltwater marsh. The weather was cloudy but
quite warm and humid. 

Nick in his hiking attire.

On the trail. Tony was nice and walked with us. Polly was running
back and forth like a crazy dog.

Half way around the loop. Polly is looking a little tired.

Baby is off. I would think sleeping like this would be uncomfortable
but he doesn't mind and seems quite rested afterwards.

Polly left this trail of water behind.

Looking toward East Bay.

White pelicans. We also saw lots of egrets, cormorants, and herons.

Almost at the end. Notice that Polly and I are tired and Nick is
awake and alert. That is less than optimal.

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