Sunday, September 26, 2010

Palo Alto Moonlight Run and Walk

Nick went to his first Palo Alto Moonlight Run and Walk on Friday. The event is organized by the City of Palo Alto, and is either a 5K run/walk or a 10K run through the Palo Alto Baylands under the light of a harvest moon. We did the 5K walk since the jogger with baby seat on top is not extremely stable, and it seemed like a bad idea to run with it in the dark over uneven surfaces. Nick was awake for the vendor expo and the finish, and slept through the actual walking part.

Contemplating all the freebies before the start.

Nick got some beads. We took them away when
he started to eat them though.

Got our numbers. Waiting for the walk to start. 

Nick is wearing his running shoes.

Start line.

Kostadis is all wired to go. Must be that triple capuchino.

This is Nick's new expression. He usually makes
it when he is contemplating something. Here he
is getting ready to start the walk.

Harvest moon over the bay. Beautiful!

Super sleepy baby up way past his bedtime with his event t-shirt.

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